Provide innovative and warm hospitality with excellent services and great experiences for customers Established in 2015. The principle that is taken based on Tri Hita Karana, how we create a good relation with God, human and also with the environment. It represents how the Balinese live then it reflect on how we manage our collections.

Begining from developed a Luxury boutique Villas in middle of Ubud rice fields starting to create an unique and elegant design. Contemporary between Javanese roof type with Balinese architecture presented Masia Villa Ubud.

Becoming a hotel management which provide innovative and warm hospitality with excellent services and great experiences for customers



The concept of luxury consumption coincides with the desire to achieve satisfaction via ‘self-fulfillment’. Motivation and personality. Marketing luxury to the masses – As well as the classes classified and distinguished ‘new luxury’ from ‘old luxury’ in the mid-1980s, with ‘new luxury’ characterized by pursuing the experience of consuming merchandise and services rather than by mere possession of a product.

Team work

Creating a successful team environment in the hospitality industry is essential to an efficient and profitable business. Teamwork, team structure, and communication are key elements in creating a successful team. Individual and team roles need to be clearly defined, goals, and objectives need to be achievable, and need to have feedback and development constructive. Communication needs to be clear and concise, and always conveyed in a friendly, respectful, and professional manner.


Delivering Welcome-Home Ambiance. means patient listening and understanding of people’s feeling and desire “Managing resorts is really about creating incredible experiences. It’s ensuring every owner and guest enjoys special moments, high-touch service, and quality vacation time. Resort management does encompass budget, reserve funds, board management, and all the other back-office functions that are integral to success.


Final stage of implementation we are dedicated to our task and our mission. Customer satisfaction plays the key role in our process and we are keen to keep it that way. After successfully implementing multiple projects with outstanding reviews and testimonials from our customers we strongly believe that Meteor Tel can bring value to your organization. While being faithful to the promise, we provide outstanding project coordination and management skills to ensure that the entire project goes as planned and achieves the best results. We strategically provide the resources to match the exact requirements to suit your needs.


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